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Thomas Matthew Glenda Yarbrough

Thomas Matthew

Glenda Yarbrough

Published January 18th 2012
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When Amanda Willington buys the old Saunder Castle, she is looking for a new beginning after losing her husband in the war. The old house has many rumors of families leaving in the middle of the night, but Amanda does not care what the neighbors say about her new home. She does not believe there is a lady in blue living there, nor any other ghost. Then she meets Thomas Saunder. Thomas has a long history with the house. His father once owned the house and the surrounding land, but that was long ago. To Thomas Saunder though, it seems as if it was just yesterday, and Amanda learns that yesterday and today have a lot in common. Love touches her heart again, but so does sorrow.Set in 1919, twenty-two year old Amanda is surprised when Thomas Saunder approaches her in the old family cemetery. He tells her the story of the grave that she notices on the far side of the cemetery. The overgrown grave seems to be an outcast in the cemetery, but when Amanda sees what in inscribed on the marker, she wonders just what kind of man was Thomas Matthew. Thomas Saunder has all the answers to the mystery.