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The Divine Milieu Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The Divine Milieu

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

139 pages
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 About the Book 

The Divine Milieu is a revolutionary book of Christian spirituality. So revolutionary, in fact, that religious superiors disallowed publication. Tho Teilhard, as everyone called him, finished writing it around 1929, it wasnt brought to light until his death, in French in 57 in English translation in 60. Even today few understand it & many are suspicious because it appears to fly in the face of traditional piety. But, while utterly contemporary & revolutionary, its Christian to its core. Its joyful, hopeful & enthusiastic, as any Christian spirituality should be. It expresses a love of nature, a delight in scientific discovery, a rejoicing in progress & an almost childlike trust in a benevolent cosmos evolving in the unconditional love of a benevolent, forgiving God. It may offer the only integrative spirituality that can satisfy contemporary experience.Translators NotePrefaceIntroduction1 The divinisation of our activitiesThe Christian problem of the sanctification of actionAn incomplete solution: human action has no value other than the intention which directs itThe final solution: all endeavour cooperates to complete the world in Christo JesuCommunion through actionThe Christian perfection of human endeavorDetachment through action2 The divinisation of our passivities. The extent, depth & diverse forms of human passivitiesThe passivities of growth & the two hands of GodThe passivities of diminishmentAttachment & detachmentThe meaning of the crossThe spiritual power of matter3 The divine MilieuThe attributes of the divine MilieuThe nature of the divine MilieuThe growth of the divine MilieuEpilogueTranslations from the LatinIndex