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Phantoms ! Dean Koontz

Phantoms !

Dean Koontz

Published 1992
ISBN : 9788835601340
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

An ancient, awesome force has spirited away almost the entire population of Snowfield, a small town in California. The bodies of those remaining have been bizarrely disfigured. What hope can there be for the few people still alive? — The lights are on in Snowfield, California, a cozy ski village nestled in the Sierra Madres, but nobody seems to be home. When Dr. Jenny Paige returns to the small town, she finds tables set for dinner, meals being prepared, and music playing in living rooms, but theres no trace of the people who put the water on to boil or set an extra place for company at the dinner table. As she explores the town, Paige finds friends and neighbors felled by a mysterious force--the bodies show no visible signs of violence or disease, and no known plague kills victims before the ice in their dinner drinks has time to melt. But the deep quiet that surrounds her offers few clues about the fate of the towns inhabitants. Dean Koontzs Phantoms strikes fear in readers from the very beginning. The mystery deepens, paving the way for a chilling journey toward the truth.